Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Farmers Markets (@ Lexington, MA, and elsewhere!)

Hello everyone,

I wanted to express my love for the Lexington Farmers Market (and all farmers markets, in general!)

The Lexington Farmers Market has a diverse array of farmers and vendors, including gelato from Giovanna Gelato, rotational artisans, and fresh, daily caught fish from Globe Fish Co.

To honor the bikers, the first 100 people to ride to the Lexington Farmers Market and check in with the Bike Valet receive a $2 Market Gift Certificate, which can be used to purchase any food items at the LFM!

There was even music entertainment on the day that I stopped by the farmers market (June 16th).

And at the LFM, I was very glad to meet Charlie from Rad Urban Farmers, who farms and maintains the land at homes in Arlington, MA and Lexington, MA, in order to sell goods at farmers markets. In exchange, the host families/individuals are provided with fresh produce that was grown in their own backyard! This concept is great!

I tried some carrot cake muffins from Glutenus Minimus, which sells gluten-free baked goods, and they were delicious! (You can see that I ate the muffin top on the right before I took this picture :) )

And I could not help but buy some fresh baby spinach from Butterbrook Organic Farm. I love baby spinach! MmMm...

I am continually impressed with my hometown's farmers market, and I love visiting! I would encourage anyone to stop by if they are in the area- the Lexington Farmers Market runs every Tuesday (6/6-10/27) from 2-6:30 pm, at the corner of Mass. Ave. and Fletcher Ave. You can check out the LFM's Calendar of Events here.

On another note, I am very happy to announce that Boston University (which I am currently studying at) has begun a farmers market with local vendors and farmers for the first time! Read more about Boston University's Farmers Market.

More and more farmers markets are popping up everywhere, which I am very excited about! If you do not currently have a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), or if you already have a CSA and would like to supplement it with more locally produced food items, look at Mass Farmers Markets, LocalHarvest, MassGrown's listing, and Edible Boston's listing for farmers markets that are in the area.
In addition, see when various fruits and vegetables are in season, and watch Edible Boston's video and tour of Opening Day at Copley's Farmers Market.
Have a good week, and enjoy the farmers markets while fresh produce is in season!

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